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How Does Bookkeeping Help My Real Estate Investing Business?

Obviously, bookkeeping is not the reason you became an investor and it’s not the ‘game’ itself; rather it’s the organization of information related to the game that can help you improve your profit potential.  It’s an important task because it can help you:

  • Keep track of key performance measurements like cash flow, profit/loss, and net worth
  • Manage your cash so that you don’t run out
  • Know whether certain real estate investing strategies actually worked well or not
  • Analyze which rental properties perform better than others (so you can sell some and keep others)
  • Prepare for yearly tax returns without extra stress
  • Save money on tax preparation because your CPA or other professional doesn’t bill you for time spent getting your information organized correctly
  • Avoid extra time and stress digging up information in case of an IRS audit
  • Avoid potential IRS tax penalties or backed taxes because you can’t defend deductions you claimed
  • Pay all of your bills and financial obligations on time as agreed
  • Raise capital with lenders and partners using real data from past performance

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  • 24/7 access to a cloud-based financial system customized for your precise needs.
  • Smart solutions for operational headaches.
  • Budget and forecast services that lead to strategic decisions.

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