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Every successful person has a coach and this is no different in real estate investing.  The key to your ongoing success is to have the right mentor in place…

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Why Having A Real Estate Investing Coach & Mentor Is A Requirement

Every successful person has a mentor, and that is especially the case in real estate investing.

The key to your success is to have the right real estate mentor & coach.

“One good mentor can be more informative than a college education and more valuable than a decade’s income.” – Sean Stephenson

Real estate investing can be extremely difficult when first starting out.  While there are plenty of success stories, fortunes made, and examples of financial freedom being achieved, there are a large number of failures out there as well.

What is the number one common denominator of real estate investment horror stories?  The ones that fail go at it alone.

How You Benefit From A Real Estate Investing Coach

  • Establish a solid foundation from the start: Should you learn one strategy and perfect it or become acquainted with all of them?  The fact is, the more strategies you know, the more problems you’ll be able to solve, the more deals you will do, and the more money you will make.  When you build a solid foundation, you can recognize opportunities.
  • Help you analyze deals: Even established investors benefit from having another set of eyes look at a deal.  A good coach can help you establish more accurate buying prices, provide negotiation tips, help you plan & prioritize repairs, and best determine after repair value.  With all this information, they’ll help you determine whether this deal is good or bad and how to proceed.
  • Guidance throughout a deal: You don’t have to know the ins and outs of every strategy when you have a mentor.  You’ll need to recognize when to use, and then the coach can walk you through every step of the way and provide connections and recommendations.
  • Learn from their mistakes: any successful investor has made their fair share of mistakes.  Learn from them so you don’t have to make them.  Odds are that their past missteps will help you greatly in future deals.

The overall results of quality coaching and mentoring in real estate will lead to increased confidence, better utilization of time, decreased learning curve, and more opportunities for financial freedom.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Coached?

Coaching, like other forms of communication, is a two-way street that requires active participation from both parties.  Are you ready to be coached? Are you:

  • Willing to learn
  • Able to listen
  • Ready to take action
  • Committed to success
  • Possess a positive mental attitude

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