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What Does Digital Marketing Detail?

Digital marketing means having a presence online in the form of a website and driving traffic to that website with both a content marketing strategy and paid marketing strategy.

Step 1: Website

You’ll want to have a well optimized web site that focuses on informing your customers and having a clear call to action.  This includes:

  • Basic SEO Functions – optimized pages, images with alt-tags, consistent name, address, and phone number, internal linking, local online search directories, and more.
  • Clear Calls To Action:
    • Optin Forms – includes using a CRM (Client Resource Management) system for capturing customer information and sending out emails
    • Phone number – with ability to answer calls yourself or have an answering service in place
  • Brand Ideas – Logo, colors, fonts, taglines, etc… we want your offline messaging to be consistent with your online messaging
  • Videos – in addition to text, utilizing video is important as people are 4x more likely to watch a video than read text (don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera – there are other types of explanatory videos that can be created
  • What you do – what strategies do you specialize in and how will this benefit the customer?
  • Who you are – what are your experiences, what makes you unique, and why should people want to work with your business
  • Testimonials – best way to prove yourself is to list out testimonials from happy customers
  • Frequently Asked Questions – what are the most common questions customers ask and what questions should they be asking?

Step 2: Content Creation & Distribution Process

Your prospects have challenges and you offer solutions.  If you can commit to creating a minimum of 2 blogs OR 2 3 to 8 minute videos per month, then we can distribute the content in such a manner that you’ll be perceived as an authority figure on real estate who is omnipresent on multiple platforms.
You create the content (preferably video) and we’ll do the following:
  • Upload video, create thumbnail, & optimize on YouTube
  • Embed YouTube Video on blog and add relevant text
  • Upload video directly to Facebook and link back to blog
  • Strip out audio from video and upload to podcast (linking back to blog)
  • upload video directly to LinkedIn and link back to blog
  • Upload YouTube thumbnail to post on Pinterest with link back to blog
  • Upload link from YouTube video to pinterest and (link back to YouTube)
So this process would require the creation of a blog, YouTube Page, Fan Page, podcast, LinkedIn Company Page (or just upload from your personal account), and Pinterest Account.
Note: this is NOT a replacement for marketing, but it will aid your marketing campaigns by creating awareness of who your are, the services you provide, and a demonstration of how you can help.

Step 3: Paid Marketing

If you want people to find you on the search engines, you’ll want to be at the top of Page 1 of Google.  Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing using Google Ads is the fastest way for customers searching for a product or service you offer to find you!

Google AdWords allows you to:

  • Advertise your local business in the exact zip codes or radius from a location where you want to be found
  • Reach people during your specific hours of operations
  • Attract customers by driving clicks to your site and/or generating phone calls
  • Remarket those who click but don’t contact you
  • Achieve maximum budget control (increase or decrease spend on a daily basis)

In summary, these are the following services we can provide:

  • Web site creation
  • Web site audit (for existing sites)
  • CRM integration / email marketing
  • Video editing & optimization
  • Slideshow video creation
  • Social Media Set Up
  • Google Ads PPC

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