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Finding real estate leads and selling those leads to an investor – also affectionately known as “Bird Dogging” – can be a good way to make a quick buck in real estate.

It may also be the gateway to learning more about becoming a real estate investor yourself.

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What Is Bird-Dogging?

A Bird Dog is an old hunting term for a dog that will flush birds from bushes, groves, or hedges so that the hunter can shoot and the dog will retrieve.  In business, a bird dog is referred to as a person who is able to locate special items or people.

In real estate, a bird dog is someone who is able to find distressed properties and bring the lead to an experienced real estate investor – and get paid for doing so.

The reason why many investors started out as bird dogs is:

  • You don’t risk any of your money
  • You don’t risk any of your credit
  • You have the opportunity to earn fast cash in little time
  • You can get your feet wet in the industry to see if this is for you
  • You build some of the most important skills needed for real estate success – the ability to locate great deals, evaluate properties, and connect with other investors

There are 2 levels of Bird Dogging:

1.Property Locator – simply scouts for properties and relays the information (address and seller’s name) to the investor;
2.Property Locator + Analyzer – same as above, but with the added factor that the bird dog also analyzes the deal for the investor;

The more work you do and information you gather, the more money you can earn as a bird dog.

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